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I’m here at Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference, and they’ve announced some interesting tidbits about Atlas, their Ajax framework. (It was a bit weird to hear Jim Allchin refer to DHTML as Ajax on-stage.)

Atlas will be a cross-browser JavaScript library and ASP.NET API. They are fully supporting Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Atlas includes a bunch of UI components as well as other utility functionality (for example, a ScriptManager that loads JavaScript on demand).

The idea is that Atlas seamlessly fits into the Microsoft UI client stack: DHTML -> Atlas -> ActiveX -> WPF/E -> Win32 -> WinFX (WPF/E is the portable Avalon API I blogged about earlier today, WinFX is the new rich API for accessing Avalon), and as such, its UI components can tie into Indigo, their services API, to receive objects via JSON and display them in UI components.

You can then switch your front-end to Avalon and display objects in 3D GUI widgets using the same services you use to power your Ajax UIs. Interesting…



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  1. June 10, 2006

    Microsoft Atlas make developer life easier in creating Ajax Website. New Microsoft Atlas Resources is created at :

  2. February 10, 2012

    Super! Mne eta vesh kak raz sei4as i nujna. Russkuyu rkaalkdsu znayu ne o4en', a keyboard only s english letters.Podskajite kak ee ustanovit'?

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