When I switched back to OS X a few years ago, I used to love Camino — the Mozilla port that eschews cross-platform XUL for a Cocoa (i.e., Mac native) user interface. However, as Firefox become more Mac-friendly, and Camino rotted on the vine, I abandoned it for Firefox.

I tried it again today, just for grins. Wow. The latest version (1.0b1) looks really nice, has been recently updated, and as a bonus, seems to run quite a bit faster than Firefox. The most dramatic example is Mozilla’s SVG Tetris; it’s sluggish on Mac/Firefox, but downright snappy in Camino.

I’ve been favoring Safari of late because its more responsive and more polished than Firefox, but after playing with the new Camino, when asked:

Camino is my default browser

I had to say, “Yes.”

2 thoughts on “Camino Doesn’t Suck Anymore

  1. Thanks for wintirg this entry. It was refreshing! After a week or so of using FireFox3 with some plugins, I clearly see now why I am using Camino and why I have decided despite some cool plugins on Firefox3, I still find Camino to be a better browser on the Mac. I find it faster and lighter. Less stalling. Camino rocks. I hope to see more themes and stuff made for it!

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