30 inch Apple LCD and a MacBook Pro... Hog Heaven

Ahhh… no more KVM switching and PC using, no more waity waity whenever I do work on the Mac, much less alt-tabby-tabby… hog heaven, my friends, hog heaven. Sadly, my Perfect Chair will be retired for a bit until I figure out a good way to mount the 30 inch LCD to work reclined. But that MacBook Pro 2.0 GHz with 2 GB RAM? That’s the good stuff. Been using it for nearly a month now and as so many before me have said, it’s the ultimate notebook experience. Spare battery just arrived earlier this week; this road warrior’s computing life just got a whole lot better.

4 thoughts on “Hog Heaven

  1. Yeah, iCal is my life. I use it track my personal appointments, my wife’s schedule, travel schedules, consulting schedules, and I track my billable hours on it as well. I wrote a program (that I’ll blog about one of these days) that extracts all the billable hour entries I’ve put on it and turns them into invoices.

  2. Hi
    your desktop looks like my nephews who loves to play
    with Technolgy,lol Iam impressed, tell me are Lcd
    Montiors better than regular Montiors, ?
    I have a 17inch color gateway Ev700 Monitor,
    And I know by todays standards that is old lol
    just wanted your view on this, thankyou for your
    Input if you can:)

    Lance Cole

  3. Very well wittren post. It will be beneficial to anybody who usess it, including me. Keep doing what you are doing – i will definitely read more posts.

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