At some point in the last few iTunes updates, Apple finally included a feature that allows iTunes to stream to multiple Airport Express devices, as well as the host computer itself. Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

I tried it out in my hotel room (playing from my computer and Airport Express simultaneously) and it didn’t seem to work. But, it turned out that iTunes had perfectly synced the output devices. Once I muted the speakers hooked up to the Airport Express, I was able to hear the music coming out from my laptop, and vice versa. Wow, unexpected bonus.

Time to fill the house with Airport Express devices!

6 thoughts on “One iTunes, Multiple Airport Expresses

  1. So it’s back to the old “Wire the entire house for sound” thing again, huh? What was that thing you used to use down here?

  2. Hi John! Yeah, I used to use a HomePod, but that device was problematic for not supporting AAC and it had a really flakey WiFi stack. I miss it sometimes, but generally not. 😉 Still, I’m surprised that a device with a similiar footprint that allows for remote control of iTunes hasn’t emerged; you could modify the HomePod to do that pretty easily.

  3. Hey Ben,

    Send me an email, so I can send you that license.

    To make this comment relevant, tomorrow is Apple’s 30th birthday!

  4. Hi:

    I’m Terry Jackson, a reporter with The Miami Herald, and I read your blog about the ultimate home office. I would like to talk to you about that subject for a story I’m doing. Please email me at on how I can contact you.


  5. Hey Ben,
    Where’s the “married with children” in this blog? I want to hear about Jessica and the kids or does Jessica have a blog that covers all that.

  6. Tara, you make a good point. While this blog is named “Married… with Children” it is actually my professional blog. Jess and I ought to have blogs for our personal lives, but I think you and John would be the only ones who read them! 🙂

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