Two days after trying Amazon Unbox, I fired up the new iTunes 7 to buy a movie for the kiddies. I trust Apple enough to tell my two young girls that I’m about to put a movie on for them — before I ever try the service out and on the new store’s first day of offering movies.

Sure enough, literally three minutes later, they started watching The Great Mouse Detective.

Twelve minutes later, they tell me it’s too scary. So, I pause The Great Mouse Detective in the new download manager, and three minutes later, they’re watching the Aristocats. All without a hitch. And, pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, and random seeking not only works, it’s all smooth as silk.

I love being a Mac user. Of course, iTunes is available for the PC, but my point is that generally, all my Mac software experiences are this smooth (whereas my PC experiences are generally just like Amazon Unbox — klunky, frustrating, and often broken).

3 thoughts on “I Love the Mac: The iTunes Store

  1. I had this exact same experience two years ago trying to help my girlfriend burn a video to a DVD on her PC.

    Since Windows (XP) doesn’t natively support DVD burning, the process took almost six hours and involved a dozen different shareware DVD authoring applications. The end result was a barely acceptable, low quality DVD that wouldn’t pass for a crappy VCD.

    On my PowerBook the whole process would have taken approximately 7 minutes, give or take a minute trying to come up with a good volume name for the DVD. 😉

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