With the advent of Ajax, it’s been fun to watch the Web in a renaissance as technologies we dismissed years ago have come into vogue. There’s such buzz in that space that some are beginning to predict that web applications will replace desktop apps entirely and that perhaps even a “Web OS” concept will take root.

Maybe the future is in Web browsers. But I’m pretty satisfied that for years to come, desktop applications will continue to play an important role in the software ecosystem. In short, the desktop matters.

In this vein, we’re happy to announce Desktop Matters, a desktop-focused conference to take place in February 2007 in the Bay Area, California (probably Feb. 23 somewhere close to Santa Clara). My Ajaxian partner-in-crime, Dion Almaer, will be co-producing and co-hosting the event with me, and Jay Zimmerman of the No Fluff Just Stuff conference series will handling the heavy-lifting and lending his conference expertise to the event.

We had considered making an event for all desktop technologies across all platforms. That vision may eventually come to pass, but this first Desktop Matters event will be focused on Java Desktop technologies.

While our recent Ajax Experience conference had sixty sessions across six tracks over three days, the Desktop Matters will be a one day / one track event. It’s not that we couldn’t find enough content to fill up a bunch more slots, but we felt that the Java Desktop community is a pretty tight-knit crowd and it would be more fun to throw everyone in the same room.

Sun’s Swing team has graciously offered to participate; Scott, Hans, Chet, Richard, and former-intern-extraordinaire Romain Guy will be there presenting.

The attendance fee will is still being worked out, but it will obviously be far lower than the typical $1,500 range for multi-day, multi-track events. We’re trying to make it as accessible as possible.

The agenda is still being finalized, but it will include topics such as how to be more productive with Swing, how to make Swing look amazing, and sessions on third-party Swing libraries and tools. We may even have some non-Java folks present, just to show us how things are done on other platforms — but that part of the show isn’t finalized yet and may not happen. The show will wrap up with a party / networking event, while Chet doing stand-up comedy at some point (he doesn’t know this yet, but we’re confident after a few drinks we’ll get him on stage).

Speaking of the agenda, would you like to present a session at the show? What with it only being one day, presentation space is very limited, but if you have an interested in presenting or simply being a part of the show in some way, please let me know (send email to desktopmatters@galbraiths.org).

I’ll follow up with a commitment on the date, the venue, and the price a little later this week or earlier next. In the meantime, I hope you’ll clear a space on your calendar and join us!

One thought on “The Desktop Matters

  1. Will you be making the audio content of the Desktop Matters conference available in some form, for those of us interested, but unable to attend?

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