It’s election time. I’m increasingly frustrated by the often binary decision facing American voters: Republican or Democrat. The policy-making decisions of the world’s largest economy and largest democracy are complex, multi-dimensional, and of course, very controversial. Yet, I just get to choose “blue” or “red”.

The notion of choosing proxies to represent voters was necessary for all of the Republics of the past, but with the advent of modern technology, perhaps in my lifetime we’ll see a system that empowers the people to participate more deeply in the political process. Put the issues to the people and let us decide. Money can corrupt the individual representatives; who’s going to buy the majority of an entire country? (Of course, there are efforts to tie money to voting in recent states, but that’s another very scary story).

It’s a long shot, but maybe someday we can all participate more fully in the policy-making process.

4 thoughts on “American Politics: The Ultimate Coarse-Grained Policy-Making Machine

  1. Ultimately, I think a more democratic republic would be more to my liking. There’s still the problem of getting people to vote responsibly (i.e., be educated about the issues) that justifies the abstraction layer provided by a republic. But the current system is too coarse-grained.

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