I’ve been using the excellent SpamSieve plug-in for OS X Mail for the past month and a half. It works really, really well; so well, in fact, that I don’t notice just how much spam I get. So I was a bit surprised to scroll past the ol’ spam folder and see:

44,574 spams

Didn’t I just empty that sucker? I checked out SpamSieve’s stats and saw (covering 9/26/06 until now):

60,315 spams in a month and a half

I am amazed at the volume of junk email — 1,200 spams per day! I have no idea how my parents cope (actually, since I serve as their tech support engineer, I know exactly how badly they’re coping with this stuff). I hope Google || Yahoo || Microsoft || some start-up does something about this soon. If large amounts of this crap starts defeating SpamSieve, I’m screwed.

(BTW, the ratio of good:spam email in the SpamSieve is meaningless in my setup; a lot of my email bypasses SpamSieve entirely if certain criteria are met.)

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