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Dion wrote about Enso, a product which I would eagerly use if I were on Windows more than 1% of my time (though Vista makes that 1% much more pleasant — when it’s not blue-screening; ahem). I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Aza Raskin at the last Ajax Experience and seeing an Enso preview. I’ve been a fan of Jef Raskin for many years, chatted with him on the phone for a few minutes back in 2002, and signed up to help him implement his humane editor in Python — though I never did contribute any code.

I got a kick out of the Enso team’s latest blog entry which describes their “quasimodal” preference setting. As I suspected, Googling this term puts Enso at the top of the list. Kind of funny that a usability company has to invent a new word to describe “holding down the key.” 😉



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