My last two upgrades have not gone well. My upgrade to Vista has resulted in a machine that spontaneously reboots three or four times a day. My upgrade to the MBP 17″ has resulted in a machine that because of various problems needs to be restarted about once a day — hard-restarted (i.e., not saving your work kind of restart).

The Vista machine isn’t mission critical, so I deal with it. Its relatively old hardware, and its a new Microsoft OS, so it comes with the territory (though is stable on WinXP and Win2k).

But my Apple? Man, this is killing me. Just yesterday, I unplugged the laptop from the display and went into another room to work. The laptop was closed while driving the external monitor, and when I went to open it, the display never came up.

And today, whilst doing a half-dozen things, the UI just dead-locked. And stayed that way for five minutes before I gave up.

And two days ago, it didn’t wake from sleep. And so on.

This has fast gone from an annoyance to a real problem.

3 thoughts on “Restart Hell

  1. This is unheard of Ben. Shocking even. It would be easy to point out that I’ve seen/heard similar stories from all my mac friends for whatever amount of decades I’ve been hearing them – but that would make me sound snooty so I won’t…

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