Desktop Matters has kicked off today; I’ll put up some blog entries with interesting notes from the various talks.

The conference started with a keynote that I delivered with Dion. We addressed six reasons why we think the Java desktop platform matters, and announced a new cross-platform look-and-feel called Nimbus that will probably ship in beta around JavaOne ’07.

I’m very excited about the Nimbus announcement as it represents a way for Swing applications to look very impressive out of the box. I’ll follow-up with more info and post the slides very soon.

4 thoughts on “Desktop Matters Day One: Keynote

  1. Hehe, hon kan hon med ja! Ja visst, har redan börjat med ”Dra av suomtprrna”-tricket med Ben! Han kommer nog bli ännu bättre då han är mindre och smidigare om man säger så! Stina kan ju ibland vara lite klumpig! XD Kram

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