The big complaint against using Gmail full-time is when you’re on an airplane and can’t get access to your mail; you can pretty much get to it any other time. If only Gmail had a thick-client sibling that let you use it seamlessly in off-line mode and it integrated with Gmail when you sync’d back up.


So I was intrigued when Dion linked to Mailplane, a thick-client wrapper for Gmail that lets your run Gmail just like any other OS X application, and, you guessed it, it adds the ability to use Gmail on an airplane. Except, it doesn’t. The author chose the name “plane” – and used an airplane in the logo – because “I liked the word, the beauty and power of airplanes and the history behind these specialized aircrafts. It was about time they could fly again.” It doesn’t actually work on an airplane. It just makes it easier to attach files and things.

3 thoughts on “Mailplane: Most Misleading Name Nomination

  1. Ben,

    Why couldn’t you just set-up Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, or some other mail client for gmail and set it up not to download all the e-mails. Gmail has Pop3 support so I just set my parents up on gmail using their Outlook client so they will use it from now on and switches between ISPs won’t involve a change in e-mail addresses. Then send/recieve your e-mails from your pop3 client when you get off the plane. You can decide to leave all the e-mails on your web account if you choose.

    Would that work for your problem?

    Greg Ostravich

  2. Greg: I don’t use Gmail; I am often without Internet (travel, etc.) so I use on OS X. I have used POP3 on Gmail before but have blogged about problems with it, from the account resetting and having to re-download everything to an over-active spam filter that offers no good way to find false positives.

    My blog entry was about a ridiculous name, not my beefs with Gmail. 🙂

  3. OK. Point taken about the misleading name.
    I thought you were trying to find the solution to a problem and I thought that would help.
    As Emily Littella used to say (Gilda Radner) on Saturday Night Live: Never mind.

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