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Dion’s got the full write-up on Joe Stagner. I’ve got a few quotes:

“We’re not so interested in the odd Ajax widgets or effects; we’re interested in enabling whole new types of applications powered by Ajax.” By that, I think he meant that they want to make it easy to use the entire .NET stack and Microsoft plug-ins in ASP.NET apps — because the supporting example he gave was embedding a MSN Earth widget into an ASP.NET app. Hmm…

“We created our own client-side framework because we felt like making JavaScript as close to an object-oriented language as possible was necessary for making it viable for enterprise software development.”

The free Visual Web Developer version of Visual Studio doing ASP.NET development:

Visual Studio

So, Joe runs his own kick-boxing gym. At one point in the talk, he showed us a demo app that had something to do with managing athletes. I asked him if he was showing us the code he used to manage his gym. He took off his mic and ran off the stage towards me. For a brief moment, my life flashed before me in visions of being kick-boxed to the ground as my wisecrack finally sent Joe over the edge. But instead, he ran up and whispered into my ear, “My site runs on phpNuke.”


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