I’ve had my head down consulting on-site for two weeks now, so I haven’t had a chance to keep up with the news. I heard about a press conference Google held to discuss this big “iGoogle” announcement. And, sure enough, I went to Google, and saw a new “iGoogle” link in the upper right-hand corner. Sweet! “What new from the Googles?”, I wondered, a bit excitedly. I clicked on it, and… got the standard personalized homepage.

I tried Google’s personalized homepage for a few weeks and eventually dumped it because it took too long to render and stole focus once it finished rendering (nice, thanks). It looks the same. No new features are obviously visible. No “This-is-why-its-now-called-iGoogle” message anywhere, no “About-iGoogle” link, etc.

So I Googled around a bit to find out what I’m missing about iGoogle, why its introduction required a press conference, etc. And, after reading a few random articles, yep, it looks like its all about renaming whatever they called the personalized homepage before to… iGoogle. Am I missing something? Back to work.

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