I’ve just recently come back home after a month on the road. Consequently, I’m running behind on a few things, such as my email. Ah yes. My email. I hate email.

I find my emotional state is governed too often by my email. Or more specifically, the vertical scrollbar in the email application. What I long to see is:

A nice fat scrollbar

Sadly, what I see lately is:

My reality

Whenever I am that far behind, my general mood becomes quite anxious. My apologies to those who feel slighted or ignored. I have some good friends languishing somewhere in the scrollbar gutter. I’ll get to you, soon, I hope.

At some point in the email-whacking exercise, I always get distracted by how much every email application sucks. They all do. With Gmail, I get great searching in exchange for an awful user interface. With OS X Mail, I get a pretty interface with amazing UI latency and a search that seems to actually be more an exercise in generating some form of grinding noise from the hard drive than actually finding what I’m looking for on a timely basis. And the spam! Oh, that horrible spam.

There was a time in my life I thought I’d make time to write a really cool email client. But I never got the time. Can someone please get around to it?

In any event, if you’ve tried to reach me and haven’t heard back, shoot me another email. FIFO is out, the squeaky wheels are in. Sorry.

(Three tracks into the new Björk album and I’m very disappointed; hope it gets better.)

One thought on “The Shrinking Scrollbar

  1. glad you finally made it home. i mentioned a few days ago on another of your posts, but as a reminder, I have posted two issues for Clairty (your google code project).

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