After a few previous blog posts on this topic, I’m glad to finally wrap it up. To import footage from the Sony HDR-UX1 into iMovie ’08, create a disk image using Apple’s Disk Utility, mount it, copy the entire contents of a Sony HDR-UX1 DVD to the image, and then launch iMovie ’08.

If you don’t have a PC around to read the data from the Sony HDR-UX1 and transfer it to your Mac, the ~$50 ReadDVD! program is said to enable your Mac to mount the Sony HDR-UX1.

All of this bother is somewhat ironic after learning that iMovie ’08 took the “HD” out of iMovie, but, now that I can get the AVCHD footage imported for editing, I’m done.

One thought on “The End of My Sony HDR-UX1 / iMovie Saga

  1. I’m sooo not a java techie or anything like that, but I thought I’d leave a message and say hi! Yes, I blog-stalked you. Although, seeing as how we met, that should not really be creepy, should it?

    Looks like you’ve made quite the name for yourself, no? Very impressed.

    Hope things are well with you and the fam!


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