Look at the definition of Interaction Design in Wikipedia (“WIKI”); it’s great.

Three essentially elements:
– Human
– Technical
– Aesthetic

Gurus from the Past
– usability experts (Jakob Nielsen)
– tacticians
– creative geniuses
– web consultants (marchFIRST)

– Tim Brown
– Robert Greenberg
– Alex Bogusky

Teams past:
– designer
– developer
– IA
– planner
– analyst
– project manager

– [those roles blurred together]

How long is your “fuzzy tail”? I think a lot of people confuse rigor with rigid. Organizations that are rigid in process–that’s not the future. Organizations need to move towards “fuzziness”; towards being willing to fly fast and loose with process.

Websites: The Way It Was
– Usability-driven
– Creative-driven
– Tech-driven

Websites are moving towards “People-Driven” experiences now, which is where it needs to be.

[Showed a NIKE website from 1999 then some pictures of NIKE plus, the whole iPod shoe thing. He talked about how this is an entire ecosystem that involves marketing and other disciplines as well.]

Product + Experience Design: The Essence of Rich Internet Applications; this is a great paper you should look up.

What’s the role of the modern agency?
– Crispin had the idea to bring back the Rabbit, and it’s done very well
– XBOX 360 interface was developed by AKQA, a digital marketing firm
– GE/health had a creative campaign that took over times square; it was developed by frog, a design firm
– Hersheys has a theme store in NYC; Ogilvy & Mather did it, which is a tradition ad firm
– Dominoes Pizza’s new pizza builder UI is amazing; you can build pizza, track its progress, share pizza designs with other. This is a holistic experience; Crispin was behind it.

T-shaped thinking [showed a quote for 5 seconds; didn’t get a chance to write it down; talked about merging creativity and usability research]

4 Dimension Minds: I don’t consider myself an Interaction Designer, I look for people that are:
– curious
– analytical
– expressive
– sensual

I’m not concerned about having people play individual roles; I want people who think holistically.

T-shaped Team (individuals with overlapping skills), covering customer experience, open source marketing, digital experience marketing, awareness and buzz, brand design

– Redesigned NASA website and matching iPhone application.
– Vegas website for creating a Vegas social network.

[The point of the examples was that these products represented more than just a single product in a single medium yet they were created by an interaction design firm.]

Be like Leonardo Da Vinci; do a bunch of stuff in all kinds of disciplines. Also, be:
– thinkers and doers
– fuzzy agencies
– cleaner and measurable results

6 thoughts on “Interaction08: Experience Design, Convergence, and the Digital Agency by David Armano

  1. Ben, first—thanks for coming to the talk, especially since there was a bit of confusion on timing. Secondly, thanks for taking these amazingly accurate notes. Seriously, you have a talent. I few through these slides and some of them were information dense.

    Appreciate it.

  2. Hahaha… thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed the talk! I spend most my time on the engineering side of the house, so was fun to see how the other half lives 😉

  3. Good write up. I’ve been looking up some of your gurus and I’m getting some great inspiration.

    However I disagree with your definition of digital agency. What you’re really talking about here is web development / flash companies, while a digital agency covers a very broad range of services (e.g. print, radio, television, web, mobile etc.). I like the definition of what a digital agency is here –


    b.t.w. the Australian version of the Pizza Hut online ordering system is absolutely nuts – it is the first true practical flex based ordering system I have ever seen.

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