Ben and Brendan

Dion and I have been wanting to do a podcast series for a long time that is a more casual “Charlie Rose-ish” format–just chatting with some of the luminaries in tech about their careers and such. We collected some content quite a ways back and have finally gotten around to releasing some of it over on

In our first episode, we interview Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s CTO. We recorded this long before we ever considered coming to Mozilla, which casts a weird perspective on the interview. Hope you enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Tech Luminaries: Brendan Eich

  1. Hi John3,

    We’ve added a couple of links on the site to the FeedBurner feed, which properly includes the enclosure. Try that.



  2. I would tlatoly participate and just might if I finish my NaNoWrimo project before the deadline for your contest. Alternatively, I might just give you guys a thousand words in the middle of everything. Either way, I’m commenting because writing contests are awesome, and you might consider submitting yours to FundsForWriters. It’s free whether you’re advertising or subscribing and would definitely attract people to your site a little more.

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