I think we all have experience with this little gem: the handy JavaScript-based field focus advancer which when poorly coded merrily forces you on to the subsequent field, even when you actually do want to go back and make changes. Observe in this video, embedded below for those whose feed readers don’t omit it:

But even better. After filling out the entire “Register Now” Comcast form to sign up for an account, I’m given this little bit of news:


No warning before-hand that if I didn’t have this code I was wasting my time. Nice.

6 thoughts on “Usability Hall of Shame: Comcast

  1. Hello!

    I work for Comcast Corporate and noticed your blog. We are working to improve customers’ online experiences. I can understand your frustration and will pass forward your feedback regarding the request for a security pin without a warning that one is needed. Please keep in mind, this is for your safety. If someone knows your name and your phone number, they could make account changes without necessarily being you. The request for the security pin is for your protection.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Melissa Mendoza
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

  2. ” If someone knows your name and your phone number, they could make account changes without necessarily being you.”

    Phone book?

  3. @Melissa: Thanks for the comment. You could do what everyone else does, like ask for other identifying information. I’ve signed up for dozens of on-line services with my utilities providers, lenders, etc. Yours is the first service that required requesting a pin and waiting for it in the mail.

  4. Priceless.

    BTW, this is probably google reader’s fault, but your vimeo video doesn’t show up in the feed there. I almost missed the hilarity of it all till I came here to read the comments.

  5. @Ryan: Thanks for the warning about the video. WordPress.com has some weirdness here, so it may be their fault. Added a link.

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