Beyond Dark Castle

I’ve a lot of fond memories from my youth that revolve around the Mac: getting invited over to a girl’s house in the second grade… to play Dark Castle on an early-model Mac; retrofitting my 3rd grade teacher’s Lisa to be Mac-compatible; getting pulled out of classes later on in elementary school to help the school principal with their Mac; learning how to do desktop publishing on the Macs at the neighborhood “Laser Layouts” shop; playing with one at the local software store, etc.

I could never afford one growing up, so it was always this magical machine I could only play with on borrowed time. And I guess the small piece of me that yearned for a Mac during my elementary school years still lives on in some form–I own a few vintage Macs, purchased a few years back.

Dark Castle and its sequel were among my favorite games on those old Macs, so it’s been great fun for me to relive a bit of the past and spend a few minutes playing the recently released remake: Return to Dark Castle. Beats firing up an emulator or obsolete hardware. Well, it’s easier, at least.

6 thoughts on “Return to Dark Castle

  1. Oh, wow. I totally remember DC and BDC. Those were awesome games back in the 80s. The controls required substantial dexterity!

    Seems weird to see it remade in color, now.

  2. Awesome, I loved that game too! Though I was lucky my parents bought a Mac 128k. 🙂

    Speaking of old mac games, do you remember the name of this other Mac game, kinda similar in control and scrolling playability but with a futuristic space theme. I think it was a Mindscape game…ironically, it’s name ‘scapes’ my Mind! 😦

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