Today we shipped the next release of Bespin: the 0.4.2 “H. E. Pennypacker” release. As discussed in my recent “Bespin Roadmap” blog post, H. E. Pennypacker is primarily a bug fix release focused specifically on issues related to the new collaboration engine. The key fixes in this release include:

  • Work towards ensuring that we never lose your data (bugs 511289, 511217, and 511291)
  • You can now export projects from Bespin (bug 511828)
  • Various other stability enhancements (bugs 511125, 512044, 511539, 509496, among others)

We’re now focused on shipping Bespin 0.4.3 “Chuck Finley” which will deliver deployment and SVN/HG commands (right now we have our own VCS commands that map into SVN and HG; we are working on implementing the actual SVN/HG commands you’re used to).

Command-line Only?

In the bespin mailing list, I saw a message or two lamenting that we are too focused on the command-line at the expense of the UI. Take heart, gentle fans. We have plans to implement GUI equivalents for nearly every major command we can think of; it’ll take us a while to get there.

We hope you enjoy H. E. Pennypacker, and I look forward to telling you more about Chuck Finley in a week and a half or so.

5 thoughts on “Bespin 0.4.2: Industrialist, Philanthropist, Bicyclist

  1. The Millennium, he was trying to help Elaine scam the Cinco de Mayo Store and introduced himself as a wealthy American industrialist wanting to open a silver mine in the mountains of Peru and getting to know the natives and getting the feel of their condiments and, um, of their unmentionables.

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