It goes without saying that mobile’s been a fascinating space to play in over the past few years. It’s also an understatement to say that my views have shifted as the ecosystem has developed.

I started the journey fiercely advocating to the industry and to developers that web technologies should be the lingua franca of mobile apps, both during my brief time at Mozilla and later while I was at Palm as part of the webOS team. Alas, the potential of the web was never realized by the mobile web on iOS and Android and simultaneously the native mobile SDKs exploded in sophistication and richness. Consequently, my views on the role of web in mobile have become… more nuanced.

Dion and I have gone into some detail on these views in various presentations; the next one will be hosted at our Walmart Labs facility close to San Francisco on Tuesday December 4th.

I’m also thrilled to join some of the most influential developers of our time for a panel version of this conversation to be held just two days later as part of PayPal’s TechXploration series down in San Jose. Dion and I will moderate a panel including:

  • Abe Elias, founder, CTO and former CEO of Sencha (the ExtJS company)
  • Andre Charland, former President of Nitobi (the PhoneGap company, sold to Adobe)
  • Jeff Haynie, founder and CEO of Appcelerator (he still writes code btw)
  • Steve Yankovich, eBay’s VP Mobile
  • David Kaneda, Designer in Residence at Benchmark Capital

I can’t wait to hear what comes out of a conversation with such a great mix of experts on both sides of the issues. Abe, Andre, and Jeff know their tech very deeply, Steve is in the middle of all this with web and native in one of the world’s largest web properties, and David will add a fantastic design perspective. Dion and I have both intellectual and pragmatic interest in the topic ourselves with our roles running mobile engineering at the world’s largest retailer.

I hope I’ll be able to discuss the future of mobile with you in person at one of these two events; come join in and tell me what you think–and let’s help each other evolve our views just a little more.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Future of Mobile Events

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