Well, it looks like the cat’s out of the bag: Justin Gehtland, Dion Almaer, and I have been busy little bees working on our upcoming book, Pragmatic Ajax, to be published by Dave ThomasPragmatic Bookshelf. I hate writing books, but with a couple of pals like these two, Dave Thomas’ best-in-class book authoring tools, and an incredibly interesting subject, it’s been a blast. One that I can’t wait to end. Soon.

We’ll be launching a beta PDF version that you can download very soon. And, if you find Google Maps impressive, there’s a particular chapter in there you may want to catch. More on that later.

10 thoughts on “Why Ajax Made Me Ignore Your Email

  1. That’s cool Ben. Congrats.

    We’d love to have you come speak at uvlug sometime. This next week we have Jared Smith on Asterisk. It’s great for us, plus I think it’s good chance for him to promote a new book. Contact me if you’re interested.

  2. Great Ben, I’m waiting for beta PDF version of your book.
    Hope for you that the book will not stay in beta too much like cool Ajax application (gmail, google maps, flickr …) 😉

    I follow you for a while, before with swing, swt and java and now with Ajax, different approaches, but always great results. Congrats

  3. Luca: Thanks for the kind words, my friend! It’s fun to have so many different UI technologies to choose from.

    And — we will definitely be shipping the book after the beta period.

    errorter: Thanks for the link! If only I understood the characters…

  4. Hey Luca! Thanks for the feedback. One of the things I like about the beta program is the ability to get feedback from a lot of readers early on. In fact, maybe that would make a good blog entry…

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