you add some files to a directory, and type svn commit, nothing happens, and you have no idea why nothing happened.

Ten minutes and several Google searches later, you’re still stumped, until finally you remember… ah yes, svn add ..., then svn commit.

I haven’t had to think about that step for a long, long time. Maybe I need to start using the command-line a bit more…

3 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Gotten Too Spoiled By Your IDE When…

  1. Thank you very much, but why wasn’t the fix to the Expose9 floating suatts bar included on it? If you activate Expose9 while the suatts bar is hidden on Chrome (e.g. page has already loaded and there is nothing to display), a phantom, transparent suatts bar is added to the Expose9 row – something that does not occur if the Status Bar is actually showing something.A bug has already been filled and properly closed for the nightlies…

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