I recently watched the excellent “Judgment at Nuremberg” and so was interested to see that the lead translator during the trials in Nuremberg, Richard W. Sonnenfeldt, has written a book detailing his experiences and is giving a lecture in New Jersey next week. A summary of his experiences in a local newspaper reveals some fascinating insight into the war criminals of the era.

Said Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz, in reply to an accusation that he’d killed 3.5 million people: “Oh, no, it was only 2.5 million.” Rudolf added that the rest died of “other causes.”

Hoess also said, in reply to being accused of taking gold teeth from his victims’ corpses: “What kind of man do you think I am?”

The degree to which the human mind is capable of warping to permit the worst of evil whilst still maintaining self-esteem is shocking.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Quote of the Week

  1. I give you the anti-semitic poll of the week..

    Looks as if our “European moral betters” have some major brain damage…


    The study measured responses to these statements: that Jews are more loyal to Israel than their country, that they have too much power in the business world and financial markets and that they talk too much about the Nazi Holocaust of World War Two…

    In Poland and Spain, about 60 percent of those surveyed expressed that sentiment, up from about 50 percent two years ago. In Germany the figure was 51 percent, with 48 percent in Italy and 39 percent in France.

  2. a bit off topic, but I have created two Issues for Clarity (your google code project)

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